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Let's get real for a moment

Happy 2020! It's that time of the year where all the shakes, protein bars and gym memberships make most of their sales. It's time to get back to reality, back to your routine or better yet, create a new one... let's say a healthier one, right? The holidays was a time where people indulged in a lot of food and alcohol and I have to include myself in it. Let me tell you something real here... I have gained 2kg from this whole holiday thing. How about you? Have you had the courage to weigh yourself yet? No? Why not? Tell me... December was one of those months for me that I barely exercised and I was basically off of my (eating) plan. Oh yeah... I have an eating plan, food plan, protocol, diet... whatever you wanna call it. I like simple things, so I call it: a plan Which is basically planning my food 24h in advanced, follow through the plan the day after and create the plan for the next day. For me, this 24h plan was a game changer. That's when I started to actually see results. So, going back to my extra 2kg I gained. What's different now? (That's actually a very good question) I remember spending the last 3 months of the year emotional overeating like there was no tomorrow, or like every day was Christmas day. Resulting in average 5-10kg extra in my little 5'3 body. Then, on the 2nd of January I was restricting myself (again!), going back to the gym and being 100% committed to lose that weight. The only problem was... it never lasted long enough until next Christmas because the cycle repeated itself. So, What's different now then? Now, I'm an expert in Emotional Eating. Now, I go back to my routine knowing I won't repeat the cycle over and over again, because I've got my back. Now, I have awareness of my emotions, my thoughts and I know how to manage them, so I don't need to rely on food or use it as a coping mechanism. Now, I have control of my body, my weight and my mind. And I have no doubt that I'll lose these 2kg (and some more) just because I want to. I have the tools to go back to the main route after a small detour and keep the lifestyle I want to have without the mind drama. I gotta say though... It's NOT easy. But I guarantee you it's more fun and easier when you have the skills and tools I use, and of course, when there is no mind drama. (I think I just repeated myself here) LIFE CHANGING!!! I'm just proof of it. Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this email, because I wanna offer you a chance to learn all the skills and tools I use myself to lose weight, stop the mind drama around food and keep the weight off for good. So you can actually step on the scale and feel nothing but self-love, no matter the numbers are. (That's how I feel every day, even after putting on weight). My offer is.... get on the phone with me for an hour. Let's talk about your struggles and let me help you! Simple as that! It's a free call. What do you have to lose? Click here to book your call Make 2020 your best year!

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