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Stop overeating - Part 1

This is going to be a 3 part series on Stop Overeating.

I'm going to talk about WHY we're overeating, explain what happens in our brain and body when we overeat, and what to do to stop overeating.

I'm going to share as much as I can in the next 3 weeks and if you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.

I want to start by asking you to think about the most difficult part of where you are right now.

Maybe the most difficult part for you is that you can't recognise yourself when looking in the mirror anymore.

Maybe you feel like you have no control, then you try to use willpower but it doesn't work.

Maybe you're emotional eating because you're too stressed, frustrated, lonely, bored, or just exhausted.

Maybe you hate taking pictures, because you can't bare to see it afterwards.

Maybe you've tried so many times and you're afraid of failing again.

Maybe you feel ashamed for eating in hiding and having huge cravings.

Any of these situation can be true at this moment for you.

That's why my work is all about identifying the cause of overeating and not just trying to solve the symptoms of overeating.

There is a lot of shame associated with being overweight, feeling out of control, eating in hiding.

And what do we do to solve that? We try to use willpower to stop overeating and lose weight.

But let me tell you something... Willpower does not work when it comes to overeating and losing weight.

The desire to overeat is what causes you to overeat, actually, is the over desire to overeat is what causes us to overeat.

Over desire for food is related to the brain and emotions.

If you try to stop overeating using willpower and no using the tools that I teach to unwind over desire, you're always going to have over desire. And if you always going to try to contain that, it will be very challenging.

It's like putting a beach ball under water, it's temporary and not effective. Because the whole time you're holding the desire at bay, you're a pretty miserable.

Willpower is not answering the over desire for food... it's super challenging and you'll feel miserable all the time, because you have a limited supply of willpower.

So, the answer is to figure out how we started having so much desire for food.

I've heard so many people saying: "I just love my food"

WHY? Why do we love food so much?

Food is fuel for your body. So why do we have an unrealistic over desire for food?

Desire for food is very normal. It's all about feeding our body and experiencing the dopamine and the hormonal response from eating that keeps us alive.

Why are we so out of whack? Why do we have so much desire for that?

When we can solve for over desire, that's when we never need to use willpower ever again.

There are 2 things that create over desire for food.

1. The food we are eating is concentrated (processed foods)

2. We have thoughts that create the emotion of over desire

The dopamine the brain used to receive when eating whole foods, was a great amount to keeps us alive and feel the pleasure in eating.

Our culture today has taken natural sources that used to give us a settle dopamine and they concentrated down.

Instead of sugar cane, we have sugar.

Instead of apples, we have apple juice.

The concentrated food increased the desire because the brain receives a huge dose of dopamine, making you brain remember how amazing that experience was and desire for more and more.

So the more you eat sugar, the more you want to eat sugar.

That will increase the dopamine in your brain, increasing the over desire for it, and creating cravings.

When we use willpower without addressing the cause of the problem, that's when we're in trouble. That's when we fail in fad diets and can't stop overeating and lose weight.

We need to address the over desire first so we can stop overeating.

Part 1- how do we reduce over desire?

First by being aware that you have over desire for food in the first place. Understand that the food you're eating is giving you high doses of dopamine, and reduce the amount of processed food you're eating.

Come back next week, for the part 2 of Stop Overeating.

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