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Is Food my problem?

Emotional eating manifests in different ways to people.

Weight gain, binging, unconscious eating, feeling out of control around food, you name it.

Intellectually, we know we're eating because of our emotions but yet we blame food as being the cause of our problems.

I've spoken to a lot of women and the common thing I hear is that food is their problem that's why they can't lose weight or stop emotional eating.

That's how I hear from them:

- I'm a foodie

- I just love food too much

- I can't live without bread

- I need sugar for energy

- I can't say no to my favourite foods

- Life is too short to not eat ... (put your favourite food here)

- etc...

Can you identify any of this thoughts?

And we think this is all true.

The truth is, none of that is actually true.

When we say, 'I just love food too much', we think we're just stating the truth about us.

But this is just a thought.

It's not true or false.

It's optional.

Why are you choosing to think thoughts that keep you stuck in the vicious circle of emotional eating?

Why are you choosing to think thoughts that are not giving you the results you want?

Thoughts are optional.

Here are new thoughts you can choose to think instead:

- Food is fuel

- Food is an energy source for your body and nothing more

- I can use other ways to find joy in my life besides food

- Eating real food is eating how I'm meant to eat as human

- I'm capable to make good food choices

When we emotional eat, we're eating for reasons that are not physical hunger.

We're eating because we need emotional comfort.

So, if hunger is not the problem, food is not the solution.

Food is not your problem either.

Try new thoughts when you feel like overeating because of an emotion.

Choose not to eat. Choose to feel.

And see how food is not your problem.

If you resonate with this message and want help, message me.

I can help you!

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