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I say no to quick fix

I received a random call today from a lady who said she was desperate.

She was desperate to lose weight.

I totally resonated with that, because I was once desperate too.

All I wanted was to lose weight quickly.

That quick fix magic woo woo pills!

To be honest, I had that few times in my journey, it didn't work.

I did crazy diets, crazy exercise regimes, took lots of supplements, and even medication to lose weight.

I remember to be willing to take anti-depressants because my friend told me it helps to lose weight. (WHAT??)

This lady said she has weight problems for years and didn't want another diet.

I agree! We don't need another diet to lose weight.

We need to know why we have the weight problem in the first place and NO diet can help with that.

I offered to help her with coaching and go to the root cause of her weight problem, but the way I work is only online.

This desperate woman said no. I got confused!

How can someone desperate say no to help?

She wanted a nutritionist to tell her what to eat, who could see her in person and do all the measurements, tests and etc.

Now, she didn't tell me this, it's my own experience that I can express here...

We think that seeing a professional that will take measurements, weigh and give a food plan will keep us motivated to lose weight.

Don't take me wrong, I am also a nutritional therapist, and all these things can help a lot, but again, my own experience has shown to have a temporary solution.

When we suffer with our weight for years and years, we won't have a different result by doing the same things.

She went to nutritionists before, lost weight, and now she has the same problem in a bigger scale.

Then I ask you:

How about getting to know why we have weight problems in the first place?

Wouldn't be amazing to finally find out why we put weight on and can't lose it?

Wouldn't be fantastic to deal with the problem for the last time ever?

Think about it... Imagine a life where you don't have to worry about your weight, what to eat, how much to eat, and think about food all the time.

Quick fix is just a quick way to solve a symptom, not the cause.

Quick fix will never give you a permanent solution.

The lady on the phone didn't allow time and space for me to share with her how I could actually help her.

But you can get the clarity and a permanent result you have been wishing for on the phone with me.

So, if you're desperate (or not) and willing to try something that you never tried before, but it has a potential to solve your weight problem once and for all, you will have my time to find out your solution.

I say no to quick fix! It didn't work and it will never do.

I say yes to transformation! It's permanent and highly effective.

Let's do this. Contact me and let's talk

Losing weight is hard. Being overweight is hard.

Choose your hard!

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