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Dealing with anxiety

Things are changing.

Last week was emotional tough for me.

I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, intensely every day for a whole week.

My mind spent a lot of time remembering and thinking about my past.

Monday and Tuesday I was on a Mental Health First Aid training, where we learned a lot about mental illness and how much is affecting people nowadays.

I was vulnerable and I shared my own personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks years ago.

On Thursday, I was interviewed on a podcast where the main topic was stress and anxiety, and again I shared my story on a deeper level.

It was intense. But it was different.

Pam from years ago, would escape the anxiety with a lot of food and alcohol to feel better even if it was for just a moment.

Sometimes, she would sleep for 14h a day, because being awake was too painful.

She didn't have the tools to overcome anxiety and emotional eating at that time.

The length and intensity of her anxiety used to last for weeks, resulting in a lot of weight on and an unhealthy body.

She was feeling completely out of control of her own life.

But the Pam from today (me) dealt with anxiety in a different way this time.

I have powerful tools to help manage my emotions, mind and life.

I felt anxiety. I allowed it. I didn't resist it. I didn't avoid it.

I didn't put weight on this time, I actually lost weight... Because I know that food is not the solution for my emotional problems anymore.

Food is only fuel for my body.

Even feeling highly anxious, I didn't feel out of control of my life.

I didn't feel out of control around food and drinks.

And the crises this time, only lasted for a week.

That is a big WIN!

Things are changing. For the better.

We will never going to get rid of anxiety for good, because it's part of being a human. But it's totally possible to learn how to manage it, and stop letting anxiety manage you.

The tools I have today to overcome anxiety and emotional eating are available to you too.

If you are feeling out of control around food and the main reason you overeat is because of anxiety, I can help you change that, for the better.

Get in touch with me and book a free consult call here

You deserve to take complete control over your body and life.

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