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Do you accept the challenge?

Today I challenged myself to not look at my phone while walking from the tube station to my front door. This walk lasts 7 minutes. It was super hard. I realised how depended I am of my iPhone. I had at least 10 urges coming in waves to check if I've got a message, a notification, something... I was really controlling myself, specially when I felt the vibration of a notification. I wanted to look so bad. I was resisting the urges to look. It was painful. It was uncomfortable. It was hard. Then, I decided to relax into it. Allow that urge to be there without responding to it. Didn't resist, didn't avoid. Just allowed. I decided to be present at that exact moment. Feel the air on my face, pay attention to the noises around me, the sound of my bag and my steps, my body moving. It was interesting how my body relaxed when I decided to allow the urges. All of the sudden it was easier not to look at my phone. My mind wasn't focusing on that anymore. I had space. I felt empowered. I felt in control. I could keep walking freely. I survived! This is what happens when we have urges to eat foods we know it won't serve our bodies. The urge to eat when we're not hungry but we're anxious, stress, bored, frustrated, etc... It's the same thing. It works in the same way with my experiment today using my iPhone. During my 7 minute walk, I had to tell my brain it's ok not to look at my phone, I'm not dying, that's nothing urgent enough that will happen in 7 minutes that I had to look at it. Practicing that with your phone can be an eye opener to how you deal with urges. Are you giving in to the urge? Are you resisting the urge? Are you allowing the urge and not responding it? I want to encourage you to challenge yourself as well. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes for you not to look at your phone. Go through the process of awareness, resisting it, and allowing in like I did. You will be surprised with what you will discover during this challenge. Then, do it with food. Practice allowing urges and your life will change forever.

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