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What do I know about emotional eating?

What do I know about emotional eating?

I am one! I've been one for years, but I didn't know that until 18 months ago. Quite shocking if I think about all those years I was trying to "diagnose" myself. Before that realisation, I just thought my problem was that I wasn't disciplined to stick to a diet for long enough. I used to beat myself up every time I had a cheat meal because I couldn't control myself around food. That never worked. I used to hate myself and my body for letting me get so fat that I couldn't look at the mirror anymore. I was always comparing myself with skinny girls and feeling depressed for not having the body I wanted. My goal was always to lose weight, and never gain back again. But every time I start feeling self-loathing, depressed, anger, (etc...) the only way I knew how to feel better was by eating. And I always ended up gaining more weight, creating a vicious circle for days, weeks or months, that was so hard to get out of. I lost all my confidence. And I created this idea that I would only be really happy once I had the body of my dreams. I believed that so much, that every time I managed to lose a bit of weight and I still had problems and negative emotions, so I thought something was wrong with me. Which made me feel horrible, and that always led me to eat more, aka 'the vicious circle'. When I realised that I am an emotional eater, then I could work on the root cause of it, my emotional life. The whole time I was trying to fix the symptoms, and I got temporarily results. It's like going to the doctor saying that you don't feel well, and expect to get the right medicine. We need to be specific and identify what the problem is first, then we can fix it. That's what I did. I accepted that I am an emotional eater. I accepted that I use food to feel emotionally better. I accepted the body I've created by overeating all the time. I accepted who I truly am. I accepted that I needed help to overcome it. So, only then, I was able to change. Now, I am confident in my own skin. I am not scared to be around food anymore, because I don't let food control my body and my body. I am in charge! Here are 3 steps you can do if you are an emotional eater or struggling with your weight. First, we acknowledge the problem. That brings awareness. Second, we accept who we are and what we have created so far. That brings self-love and opens space for change. Third, we ask for help. That brings powerful transformation. I am THE Emotional Eating Coach. The expert to help you get your transformation, because I've been where you are, I know how it feels. I want you to have the same transformation I've had. Let's work together and build the confidence you've been craving for so long. Click here to book a free consult call to get started.

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