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Why can't I lose weight?

Last week I was reflecting about my past, specially when I was struggling with my weight.

In January I discovered a pattern with my weight through pictures that I've found of myself, and that was so fascinating to see.

Winter I was fat.

Spring I was dieting and working out.

Summer I was slim.

Autumn I was emotional overeating.

Every year for years.

Then I thought, if that was a pattern, I must have had a thought pattern too. What is that?

My brain answered... the thought was:

Why can't I lose weight?

I spent years and years asking this question to myself and the answers I've got at the time was lots of excuses.

What do I mean?

Every time I asked myself, why can't I lose weight? My brain was finding answers such as:

- I need the perfect diet

- My metabolism is too slow

- I don't exercise enough

- I have low thyroid function

- My hormones are out of whack

- Something must be wrong with me

- What else can I try to actually work

The list goes on and one...

So let's do an exercise here

Stop for a moment and see what your brain say when you ask yourself, "why can't I lose weight?"

Write them down on a piece of paper, make your list.

Maybe your metabolism is slow, maybe you need to exercise more, but I want you to consider to do something simpler than change things outside of you.

Change the question.

We often are asking ourselves the wrong questions.

Our brain loves to answer them, so we need to learn how to ask powerful questions.

When you ask "Why can't I lose weight?" your brain will find lots of excuses to why you can't lose weight, right?

Every time you give excuses, you are also blaming something outside of you.

Every time you blame something outside of you, you are giving your power away, therefore, no power means no change. And if you are reading this, you want to change.

So let's stop right here and do this now...

Take responsibility for all the reasons why you can't lose weight.

Own it.

Then, let's change the question and ask powerful questions instead.

Here are 2 questions I want to offer you:

- How can I honour my body today?

- How will I make today better than yesterday?

Ask you brain one question at a time and really let your brain find the answers and write them down.

Can you see the difference between your answers from one question to another?

My answers to "How can honour my body today?" are:

- Drink more water

- Eat more vegetables

- Avoid sugar

- Avoid processed food

- Don't eat when I'm not hungry

This is a powerful exercise you can do to everything in your life, not only about weight loss.

Take your power back by taking responsibility of your actions toward your body and health and start asking yourself powerful questions.

If you have any questions about the exercise or you need more ideas to powerful questions, get in touch with me. I have a list full of powerful and transformational questions.

Click here

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