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Thought spam

Think of your mind like an inbox.

How much spam do you let in?

How many thoughts are just sitting there being useless?

Or worse, causing you drama, pain, or unnecessary suffering?

Did you know you can add a spam filter to your brain for your thoughts?

If thinking about politics bugs you, don’t.

If your thoughts about the past bother you, delete them.

If you notice you receive invitations to complain on the regular…

Just tag them as junk and never think them again.

What we think about is our own world.

No one ever has control in our brains.

Every thought you think is your choice.

Nothing is required.

You can secretly skip anything you don’t want.

I won’t tell.

Delete without reading.

Unsubscribe from garbage.

Fill your brain with goodness and usefulness.

Let your inbox be beautiful.

Brooke Castillo The Life Coach School

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