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I know what to do, I just can't do it!

Today I caught myself thinking:

"I know what to do, I just can't do it."

I know, I know... I am a coach... a nutritional therapist.

I should be able to do everything I say and teach.

That's what I also tell myself all the time.

Pam, you should do better.

Then I remember, that before anything else, I am a human being.

I have weaknesses, cravings, and a lot of mind drama.

Recently I have been struggling with the fact that I can't have gluten anymore. My body rejects it. I suffer every time I eat it.

I also have been struggling with meal planning.

Well, I'm not planning what I'm going to eat, so I eat what I feel like at that moment, which leads to emotional eat sometimes.

I find myself avoiding negative emotions by eating and drinking alcohol.

I procrastinate when I have to do work, specially when I have a lot to do.

That's because I feel so overwhelmed and I don't even know where to start, so I don't even start.

I noticed that it's very easy to eat whatever I want, drink as much I want, procrastinate all the time, play games, scroll through Facebook and Instagram the whole day, and watch all the episodes of shitty shows on Netflix. It's super easy!

But usually what's easy, does NOT give the results I want.

The truth is, I'm pushing my results away even further.

When is easy, it's comfortable, safe and familiar.

It's the perfect formula for frustration, misery, and anger.

Because all I want is to feel good, have energy in the morning, lose 6kg and do what I need to do.

I need to sort this out, I told myself.

The negative thoughts are not serving me, specially the one:

"I know what to do, I just can't do it."

So I choose not to think them anymore, effective immediately.

I'm choosing 'the' NOT easy way. I'm choosing the hard way.

The way that will create the results I want for my life.

The thought I have to think on purpose is: "I'm 100% committed to create the results that I want".

I'll use the coaching tools to process my negative emotions, instead of eating.

I'll plan my time and schedule them, so I don't procrastinate anymore and I have more work done.

I know what to do and I will do it.

There is no shame, no self-loathing, no beating myself up this time. There is a lot of self-coaching and a lot of actions, with compassion, self love, curiosity and commitment.

I want to invite you to go on this journey with me.

Let's do this together.

I'll be sharing through my social media.

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