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Do you know how to feel?

I feel like everything works in phases.

Phase to feel good and bad.

Phase to eat more or less.

The ups and downs are definitely part of life.

But there is just that moment that I feel more down than up.

I had a phase that I was feeling lazy to eat, and I would prefer to have to take magic food pills instead of eating.

I had a phase that I couldn't stop eating.

Both phases I was feeling emotions that I didn't want to feel.

Emotions are vibration in our bodies.

The reason eating relieves the negative vibration of an emotion is because digesting food is also a vibration.

They can't compete. It's like, impossible, to have 2 things in the same place.

So, the vibration of the digestion will overcome the vibration of the emotion, therefore, you the emotion get suppressed.

No matter what phase I am in, everything I do is to avoid a negative emotion and everything I don't do is to avoid a negative emotion.

However, this hasn't been working, it actually does not work long term.

At some point, I needed to learn how to sit with an emotion if I want to lose weight, evolve and grow as a person.

Feeling an emotion is a skill that I have developed to lose weight.

And like any other skill, it takes practice and dedication to learn.

To feel the emotion that is true to you at this moment, you need to name the emotion and relax into it.

Do not resist. What you resist, persist.

Take deep breaths and just allow the emotions to be there.

Emotions are harmless. Only if you don't resist or avoid it that becomes a problem.

Try it out. It works.

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