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Mind yourself

As a coach, I spend at least 20 min a day looking into my brain and coaching myself.

Self-coaching is a practice that surprises me all the time.

That's when I see my own mind thinking. Only adults have this capacity to be an observer of their own minds. It's fascinating.

But the main thing I keep noticing is that my mind lies to me.

It tells me things that are not true. Things that will never be true.

I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to believe everything my mind tells me.

I get to believe whatever I want to.

You get to believe whatever you want to.

  • It's so easy to believe things we have been telling ourselves all the time.

  • I am not good enough

  • I don't deserve it

  • There is something wrong with me

  • I hate myself

  • I am so fat

  • I am so tired

  • I don't do anything right

  • I am not worthy

  • I am stupid

  • I look disgusting

The list can go on and on with lies your brain tells you.

None of these thoughts are true.

The only truth is that you are deciding to believe and to think them.

The only truth here is that you can decide to stop believing and thinking them too.

The mind is very sophisticated and powerful, so use it wisely.

Make thought choices that will serve you.

Invest in your mind, learn how to manage it, how to use it to take you to the next level, to self-develop the best skills that will create the life you want.

That's nothing better to know that I don't have to believe anything my brain tells me. I have a choice. So do you.

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