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What's your reason?

This morning a lovely lady stopped me at the tube station because she recognised me from a talk I gave couple weeks ago in the office.

At my talk I taught the difference between wanting something vs being committed to getting it.

For me, it was one of the best talks I've done. It made sense. People needed to hear it.

This lady shared things she is doing to improve her health and how my talk made sense to her.

She also asked me a question that made me think.

"The work you're doing is so important, what made you want to help people?"

I paused for a couple seconds, as her question got me by surprise.

It's fascinating to see my brain having a thousand of thoughts at the same time to find the "right" answer.

So I said, "I had my own personal experience where I was sick and fat and I changed my life with this work and now I want to help people do the same."

Then my mind went back even further, to when I was a teenager, and I said: "My first job when I was 17 was helping people on a call centre, and I still remember how good it felt to help people fix their computers, and this work I do now is about making a difference in people's lives."

That was a quick answer to an unexpected question. But made me think even deeper about the reasons WHY I do what I do.

I wouldn't change my answer this morning, but I would add this:

"It's my purpose to make a difference in the world by teaching life changing tools to everyone who is willing to learn, so they can transform their own lives."

It's so important to know why you do what you do.

From running a business to losing weight.

What is your reason?

What drives you to take the action that you need in order to get what you want?

What's the fuel for your own motivation?

Without a reason, there is no purpose.

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