Stop it!

April 22, 2019



You can just stop believing that.


I found out that we have free will when it comes to what we believe.


We can believe whatever we want to believe about ourselves.


It’s free.


It’s empowering.


It changes everything.


You don’t have to ask permission or have any evidence for what you believe.


You just choose.


Here are some of my recommendations:


Stop believing…


That you can’t do the thing you love.


That you aren’t good enough.


That what other people think about you really matters.


That you’re too fat or too poor or too old.


Start believing…


You can be whoever you want to be.


Nothing is wrong with you.


You’re 100% worthy now.


You have something valuable to say, do, and offer the world.


Stop the negativity.


I mean it.


Just let it go.


By Brooke Castillo

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