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You can do hard things

Have you ever thought: "But it's too hard" ? My brain thinks that all the time. For over a decade I was a yo-yo dieter with a yo-yo body. Winter I was fat, summer I was slim. Autumn I was overeating, spring I was dieting. And every time I decided to go on a diet to lose weight, my brain was like... but it's too hard. It's too uncomfortable. I can't do it. I don't know what to do. etc... These type of thoughts are called obstacles thoughts and it's NORMAL. But you do have a choice. Believe them or not. So, just by knowing that you think these thoughts it is already a great awareness and the first step to change. Thoughts are optional. Thinking it is too hard to lose weight, will only result in NOT losing the weight. When you are aware that this thought "It's too hard" is holding you back, you can challenge your brain. You will answer the thought. Obstacles thoughts exist to protect you, it's what our brain is designed to do. But we have the conscious brain (prefrontal cortex) that can make a decision to think something different on purpose, so you can have the results you want. So, let me give you an example how to do that. You have a goal: Lose 5kg in 2 months You have a thought about it: It's too hard (this is your obstacle thought) You answer this thought: I know it's too hard, and that's ok. I've done hard things before. And I can do one more hard thing in my life. I am a badass. Here are all the things that I thought it was hard (then here you start writing every hard thing you accomplished that you thought it was hard before and you still did it) Then you go and take action until you achieve your goal. You brain needs evidence to prove the thought right. Showing it that you've done hard things before it's a way to tell your brain you can do hard things now. If you don't have anything to prove your brain that you've done hard things before, you create it now. That can be something simple as fixing something that was broken, an exercise you thought it was too hard to do and you did it. I use that all the time. I do CrossFit and it is super hard, so I show my brain that I can do hard things, then losing weight is just one more hard thing that I will do in my life. You can do hard things. Go and do it. Achieve your goals. Create what you want. You are AMAZING!

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