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Small little steps

I lost count how many times I've told myself that now is the time to start a diet and lose weight.

I used to have this big vision of how I want to look, how much I want to weigh and the types of clothes I would wear once I get there.

I was always thinking in the goal that realistically it was too far away to get it.

The focus was on the big goal that I wanted to achieve in 6 months, 12 months that I was forgetting the little daily goals I needed to achieve to get to the end game. Because of that my weight loss was only temporarily or wasn't happening.

Having a big goal is great and we need to have long term goals. But we also need to have the little goals, little steps that lead the way to the big goal.

So, now I focus in the daily goals. I plan my food 24h in advanced, then I follow the plan day by day, step by step. I book my exercises every week, and I show up.

Small little achievements every single day.

This way my mind is focus in getting it done now, instead of looking so far away and being blocked with so many obstacles to get there.

Then achieving the little small goals every day will create a natural compound effect that will result in achieving your big goal.

Do you have a big weight loss goal?

It doesn't matter if it's 3kg or 30kg

Once you start focusing more on the little steps to get there and do it every single day, you will get there 100%.

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