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You are amazing!

Today I want to share a great reminder I've received from my mentor on my mailbox couple weeks ago.

Enjoy :)

I want to tell you something.

And I want you to believe me.

I mean it.

You're amazing.

Just look at you.

Look at your life.

Not the stuff you use against yourself.

But the other stuff.

The good stuff.

The stuff inside.

Your desire to do the good thing.

Your desire to be the best human you can.

The love you have for the people you love.

You forget your worth sometimes.

You think that you have to do something to be amazing.

But you don’t.

You just have to be human with that heart of yours.

With that brain of yours.

You aren’t amazing because of something you did.

You just simply are.

No one can ever take that away from you.

Not even you.

So don’t forget.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Sit back.

Deep breath.

Take it in.

You're amazing.

Have a beautiful week.

Brooke Castillo The Life Coach School

#lifecoach #amazing #mindset #reminder #weightloss #committment #selflove #love

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