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I'm anxious and I can't stop eating

I have to confess, last weekend was a difficult one. For few days the only thing I wanted to do was eat. And I did. I will tell you what I did to get out of this vicious circle, so stay with me. In the beginning I didn't know why I was chasing food and eating things that I don't even enjoy eating. Seriously, I overate, I ate when I wasn't hungry, I stuffed myself with pizza, cakes, chocolate, drinks, brownies, M&Ms, bread, and probably more things that I can't even remember anymore. It was challenging to identify why I was eating and wanting to eat so much. Is not that I wasn't aware that I was eating non-stop, I was actually very aware I was behaving in a way that I don't usually behave. It was challenging because the food was numbing the real reason, and the real reason was ANXIETY. My mind was full of negative thoughts that was creating lots of negative emotions that I was trying to avoid, numb and resist by EATING. But I only realised that when I didn't eat for few hours and I asked myself: what are you trying to avoid by eating so much? What's going on Pam? Then I let my brain answer that. I was anxious and because I didn't want to feel anxious I was eating to numb it. To be honest, it does work for a little bit, but the guilt and shame always caught up. I was eating, then feeling bad, then I ate some more to try to make me feel better and then I felt even worse. Do you resonate? So, what to do when we are stuck in this anxiety + overeating circle that feels so out of control? That is what I want to teach you today, I will tell you what I did to get out of desiring foods that I know are not fuel and nourishment for my body and how to deal with anxiety. First you need allow yourself be without food for few hours, I skipped breakfast in this case. That's because you will really feel physical hunger and emotions will come up to the surface. You HAVE to be willing to feel uncomfortable then you are going to ask the same questions I asked myself. -What are you trying to avoid by eating so much? -What's going on *|FNAME|*? You are going to listen the answer and you are going to write down everything that comes to your mind. I call it, thought download. You need to write on a piece of paper, not on the computer. Write without hesitation, just dump your brain into the paper. This step by itself is already super powerful and it will help you feel better straight away. After that, you will take a deep breath and read this: "I am feeling this way because of a sentence in my mind" Why is this phrase so important? Well, that's because your thoughts create your feelings. If you are feeling anxious that's because of thoughts that you are thinking. It is simple, and once you really understand that every emotion you feel is because of I thought you have, the possibility to change is 100%. Thoughts are optional. You get to choose what you want to think, therefore, you feel how you want to feel. OK, only doing this exercise your desire for extra foods will dissipates BIG time. If you are suffering with anxiety and overeating, try this exercise and let me know how it went, just click here and share your experience with me.

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