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Everything starts with a thought

One of the biggest ah-ha moments I had was when I understood that everything starts with a thought.

A thought is a sentence in the mind.

Thoughts create the results in life.

So, all the results you have in your life is created by a thought in your mind. Not because of something external.

This means that the body you have now you created with your mind.

That's great news, because once you identify the thoughts creating this result, you are able to change it.

Now, if you keep thinking the same thought over and over, you will always create the same results.

That's why we keep in the vicious circle of dieting and weight loss without success.

The main work I do with my clients is to identify their belief systems that are creating their current results and help them change it, so they can achieve what they want.

As the subject of this post says, everything starts with a thought.

So everything changes when we change a thought, too.

We need to change the thought in order to have a different result.

Here is a tool that I use with my clients to change the thought.

Write on a piece of paper:

1- Identify the thought that is creating the results that you don't want

Eg. results that you don't want is weight gain, being overweight - eg. of thoughts that might be creating this result is: I can't lose weight

2- Notice its impact in your life

Eg. making bad food choices, not exercising, low energy, can't sleep well, moody, etc...

3- Decide what thought you want to think instead.

Eg. I can lose weight for good

4- If you believe in the thought above, you will practice thinking that on purpose. However most people don't believe that straight away, so we need to modify the thought for something that feels better and is believable.

Eg. I'm working my way to weight loss

5- Practice practice practice - you are going to think that on purpose as many times as possible every day until it becomes automatically in your mind.

This exercise can be tricky if you are not aware of your thoughts, and that's ok, that's why I am here.

If you try this exercise and you get stuck in finding the thought creating your result or a new thought to think instead, or even any other part of the exercise, I can help you.

That's what I do with my clients and myself all of the time.

For the first time it might not make sense, but I promise you that if you get this right you can change your life.

So, reach out if you need any help.

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