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Falling in love

Yesterday I watched a film on Netflix called: Isn't it romantic

I love rom coms films - and this film is all about how Rebel Wilson used to love rom coms when she was young but her mum kept telling her that love would never happen to her because she was fat and poor.

She grew up believing that. She grew up believing that no one would love her the way she is.

But actually she was the only one who didn't love herself the way she is.

In the film, she got trapped in this dream after she hit her head and the only way to get out was to learn a lesson.

She thought the lesson was to make the perfect guy fall in love with her - that didn't work.

She thought the lesson was to tell her best friend that she loves him, stop his wedding and marry him - that didn't work.

She was looking for external things to fix her problem.

Only when she realised that the lesson was to really love herself the way she is, then she woke up.

Everything changed for her after that.

Then... She was happy, she kissed her best friend and they're going on a date, she gave the best presentation at work, she stood up for herself, things started to happen.

Happiness and love do not come from outside of us.

You can love yourself the way you are right now, that's a beautiful thing.

If you're not having what you want in life, you need to know what you believe that might be holding you back.

You need to make a decision to love yourself first. (read here my post about what's love)

And know that nothing from outside of you will create love, happiness and acceptance.

We create love with our thoughts and knowing that it's great, because we can create it.

Knowing that all the feelings in the world are available to us at any time, it's the best news I could ever tell you.

Love yourself. Love hard. Make the best decision of your life.

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