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Are you quitting?

I think the most common thing I see nowadays is people quitting.

We make commitments to improve our health, to lose weight and go to the gym, and they easily quit.

There are many reason why people quit.

1- It's easy

2- Fear of failure

3- The brain is designed to keep you safe

Let's use only 3 reasons today.

When things get tough, it's easier to quit than to carry on.

Once you quit you don't have to do that thing anymore.

But quitting slows you down, keep you in the same place.

So if you are here I believe you don't want to stay in the same place in life. Don't do the easier way.

Quitting on purpose is failing ahead of time.

If you decide to quit because you don't want to fail, you are quitting ahead of time. There is no other way around that.

So fear of failing is not a valid reason to quit.

Feel fear but do it anyway.

Our brain is designed to stay in the familiar known environment, everything you do that can be a threat to you, your brain will tell to stay in the cave (aka quit) and don't do anything, so you can be safe.

That's how we have survived thousands of years ago, but even though we don't have caves anymore, our brain still performs in the same way.

This part of the brain is primitive and you need to overcome it in order to create what you want for your life, and that means, don't quit.

So, what if quitting wasn't an option?

What would you do?

Quitting is not an option. Use every opportunity to learn.

There is no failure, only learning.

Because if you do something that it didn't work, you know that you won't do that again and then you move to the next step.

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