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Feeling stuck?

Let's say that you are want to stop emotional over-eating and lose weight. The only reason why you haven't done it yet is because you don't know HOW to do it.

If you're like me, that struggles with emotional eating and weight loss for years, you probably tried every diet that is under the sun - and yet you're still here, saying to yourself that you don't know HOW to do it.

It's very easy to get stuck in the how to do something, or how to create something that you want in your life, because then you have an excuse not to do it, right? This is not going to create the horrible feeling of discomfort that we all know happens when we try to lose weight. It's totally normal, don't worry, that's nothing wrong with you.

If you never done this before, chances are that you actually don't know how, and that's okay.

Now, if we keep spinning in the idea that we are only going to lose weight and overcome emotional eating once we know HOW to do it 2 things will definitely happen:

1) Because you don't know HOW, you won't do anything, you feel stuck.

2) You're not going to have the results that you want, lose weight.

The reason you feel stuck is because you keep telling yourself that you don't know HOW to lose weight, or HOW to stop eating when you're feeling bored and frustrated (the list goes on here).

So what if you could choose to stop thinking that you don't know HOW to do something and decide to think: I am going to figure it out.

When you shift the thought the block you were feeling is released, you can start to take action to FIGURE OUT.

Suddenly you have a clear vision in what you need to do to figure it out.

You use the internet, you ask for help, you speak to people that have done it before, you learn something new, then you do it.

You've got this, you can do it. You will figure it out.

I have figure it out and I want to help YOU do the same.

So there are 2 steps here:

1. Shift your thought from "I don't know how" to "I am going to figure it out" 2. Take action to figure it out.

Now, to make this easier for you, I want to help you to overcome emotional eating and lose weight.

I don't want you to feel stuck for any minute longer, so let's get on a call and talk about how you can get unstuck, move forward and achieve your dreams.

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