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What is love?

I want to talk about LOVE just because I am writing this post on Valentine's Day.

What's love? (baby don't hurt me - haha)

Jokes a part... Love is a feeling. Feeling is an emotion YOU get to feel. Every single feeling is created with a thought.

So, let's talk about self-love. Be honest now, do you love yourself?

To feel love we need to have loving thoughts. It is that simple!

But what I have found when working with my clients and observing people, is that it is easier to love others than ourselves.

We treat our partners, family, friends, even strangers better than we treat ourselves. Why is that?

That's because we DON'T have loving thoughts about ourselves, but we do about others.

Do you know that nagging voice in your head saying all the nasty things to you? Well, that is not creating self-love my friend.

First step is awareness - always!

What do you think about yourself when you look at the mirror? when you try that jeans that is not fitting well anymore? or when you eat something you're not supposed to eat?

How do you treat yourself inside of you?

It's easy to confuse a spa day, mani & pedi, a massage, a nice bath, with self-love. This is not self-love.

Self-love is having loving thoughts about you. And that's the challenge part. Because that means that we need to change how we think about us when we overeat and feel sick afterwards, when we look at the mirror at work and can't resist a self-loathing thought, and so on... you know what I am talking about.

Self-love is paying attention to your mind. Not allowing these self-loathing thoughts to control you. Not allowing self-loathing actions to dominate you and then it creates urges and over-desire for things that will create more hate.

Second step is kindness - Commit to kindness

We have to have this commitment that no matter what, we are NOT treating ourselves like shit. We will be kind and compassionate. Treat ourselves better than everyone else. NO MATTER WHAT!

So, find a thought that's loving and make you feel love towards yourself.

It can be challenging, but it is super powerful and it can transform your life when you really truly love yourself.

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