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What is belief?

Beliefs has been one of the main subjects that I am spending time thinking and working on myself lately.

I hear so many people saying and posting: "Believe in yourself"

But why? And how?

Let's say that it's "easier said than done" - it feels so true for me.

What is belief?

Belief is a thought that I keep on thinking that creates a feeling of certainty that something exists, is true, especially without proof.

If belief is a thought, and thoughts are optional, that means I can believe in anything I want. I just make the decision.

Why is important to believe?

Belief is everything. Let's use the example of weight loss.

I've tried so many times to lose weight, not only lose weight but keep the way off. Because I've tried so many times and I failed, I believe that 'I can't lose weight'. Every time I've tried, I failed, so that will never happened. And this belief 'I can't lose weight' is what created my results of a yo-yo body for over a decade.

This belief was creating feelings of frustration, deception, demotivation, anxiety, sadness, and the list goes on. And feeling this way was not taking me to the gym or eat a healthy diet. Therefore, my result was making sure that my belief is true.

Now that I am in the other side of the situation above, I can see that my belief wasn't helpful at all. I set a goal, I have thoughts about it, if I truly believe it, I will achieve it. And that's what I did. I believed hard that I could lose weight and keep it off, so I achieve it.

My brain was looking for evidence to tell me that's possible and I would achieve it. That was my primitive brain trying to trick me. When I believe I am certain I will get it. So I will create the impossible, because I don't need proof to show me, because I am certain, no doubts.

There is no results without the believe that you will get the result.

So, how do I believe?

First, I need to know what my beliefs are about the goal I want to achieve.

Second, I ask myself, is this belief serving me? is this belief leading me to the right direction to achieve my goal? If the answer is no, I need to change my belief, make a decision. If the answer is yes, then I should have the result or getting there.

Believe in yourself is way more than just a motivational quote you see on Instagram. The work to believe is not easy, but is everything.

Because only when you believe, you will get the result you want.

If you don't know what is your hidden beliefs about yourself and/or goal, let's talk. I can help you find that out, so you can make the decision to change and achieve your goals.

Click here to book a call with me. It's free.

I am ready to help you. Are you?

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