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What's blocking you?

2019 is tomorrow and again you have the same new year’s resolution: lose weight

Have you thought about why every year this is in the top of your list and by the end of the year is in the bottom and then you put back in the top again, because you didn’t achieve your weight loss goal.

I want to talk about one thing that can be so normal, automatic and habitual to you that you don’t even realise.

You decide to lose weight, you know what to do for the first week or two.

Results does not come as fast as you would like, you think that’s something wrong with you.

You ask yourself: What’s wrong with me?

Your natural and automatic answer is: I don’t know!

“I don’t know” seems innocent, seems like it’s true, but it’s actually the biggest dream blocker, biggest blocker to self-realisation that I’ve ever seen.

Notice when you say "I don't know" it completely blocks access to yourself when you start inquiring.

Think about that......

Most of the time when we say "I don't know" what we're saying is that we don't know something about ourselves.

If you don't know, nobody does.

If you're looking out there for answers, you're never going to find them, because they are all within you.

What are the things in your life that you say "I don't know" to and it's not serving you?

Invite yourself to maybe not have those thoughts appear.

Every time you think “I don’t know”, change it for “I’m going to figure it out”.

You change your thought, you remove the block to access yourself.

Go and figure it out! You can do this and I am here to help you.

So why don’t you start 2019 with a free call with me to find out if you have been saying “I don’t know” to yourself?!

Book your free session here

Happy 2019!

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