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How to stop the weight suffering?

Do you have weight suffering?

Do you think you are unhappy because of your body weight?

Everything that goes wrong in your life, you think that would be different if you were just slim?

Weight suffering isn't just about how much you weigh, how good you look, the types of food you eat...

Weight suffering is about channeling the pain of our lives into a struggle with food.

It's an attempt to take control of something within us.

It's a torture and suffering at our own hand.

Denying your feelings causes suffering.

Suffering is always optional.

Feelings are created by your mind.

You are the only one with the power to manage your mind.

You get to choose the thoughts that create your feelings.

It’s all optional.

We think that life happens for us, but life happens to us.

Everything outside us is neutral.

Everything inside us is optional.

Coaching is about ending the weight suffering, losing weight will be the side effect.

Because suffering is optional!

If you want to stop suffering, I can help you.

Book a free mini session here and let's chat.

You can end this suffering today!

Text based on Brook Castillo's lessons

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