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Reprogram your brain

Last few months, I’ve been studying a lot about how our brain works and how we can reprogram it using our own brain, so we can create the anything we want to.

It’s fascinating and super interesting!

Our primitive brain wants to save and protect us. Survival mode all the way.

That is what made us survive all these years so far.

But we don’t live like our ancestors anymore.

The threats to our lives are way less comparing to thousands of years ago.

But yet our brain works in the same way.

The brain is motivated by 3 elements:

1. Seek pleasure

2. Avoid pain

3. Exert the least of effort

If you’re letting your brain work on default mode as primitive, you are probably doing things that you maybe don’t want to do.

Like... binge eating, procrastinating, not exercising, not eating healthy, watching Netflix in the sofa the whole weekend, over drinking, etc…

Which is basically staying in the cave in order to survive. Living in a default life.

Good news is... it’s not your fault and there is a way out of this!

Your brain is designed to do exactly what it is doing.

But if you want to change bad habits and lose weight, you need to do everything that goes against the primitive brain.

First step is to be aware that you are living on default. Then you need to make decision consciously.

Change the motivation triad, make an effort, feel the pain, the discomfort and find pleasure in the long term.

Do you want to know how to reprogram your brain so you can achieve your goals?

Send me a message, let's chat... schedule your free session here!

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