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Create a new future

"We can't create a new future while we're living in our past. It's simply impossible" Joe Dispenza

What an amazing and true quote.

When we decide to create something new, our brain will always look for past experiences in order to find evidence for what we want to create in our life.

If you never hadn’t done before, the first thing your brain is going to tell you is: “It’s not going to work!” or “It’s too difficult” or “I don’t know how to do it” or even “I’ve never done it before”

But that’s how your our brain is designed to respond, just because it wants to keeps us safe.

If you want to have a body you never had before, your brain will protest against it because there's no evidence that's possible.

When that happens we just give in and stop trying to create the body of our dreams. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop or don’t do anything to make it happen.

Imagine a 1 year old baby learning how to walk but before he even tries, he looks at his mum and say: “I am not going to walk, because I've never done it before”.

If every baby would say that, we wouldn’t be here today.

But if you know how your brain works, you will ignore the protest and do it anyway, just like the baby that after trying and failing so many times, can now walk.

Don’t let your mind look in the past to give you evidences that you can or can’t do something.

Focus in the future, create what you never had in your life, because if you want your future to be bigger and better than your past, you cannot seek answers from your past.

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