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What do you believe?

I have started a new diet and a new workout plan many many times during the last 10 years, and the reason I had to start over and over again was simply because of the way I was thinking about the process and about myself. I thought that would be easy, fast and last forever at first. Then I saw that it wasn't easy, fast or permanent. After trying to lose weight couple times, I started to think that this is impossible to achieve, I couldn't do it, I don't have enough will power to do this forever. Still tried so many times after that, but my thoughts were always the same, so the results were always the same. I used to think that there is something seriously wrong with me that couldn't be fixed. But I learned that I get to decide what I want to believe. I can believe in whatever I want. I identify my belief systems that was holding me back to achieve my dream. What you believe matters! When you're starting your weight loss journey or start going to the gym, it's very important to know what you believe about the process and yourself. What do you believe? Think about that! So how can we identify what we believe? 1) Pay attention to what you're thinking. This is the common thoughts: - I know myself, I will sabotage this diet - Let's try one more time but I know it won't work - There's something wrong with me - I can't lose weight - I'm too lazy to exercise - I hate the gym - I hate diets - I can't do this These thoughts can feel so true and real to you, but they are only thoughts that you think so many times it becomes a belief system on an auto-pilot mode. To change those beliefs the first step is to be aware of them and understand that you don't have to believe that anymore. You get to decide what to believe! 2) Identify the impact its has in your life How is your belief systems affecting your life? How many things you are not achieving weight loss because of a belief? What does that mean to you? Do you still want to believe the same things that are not giving the results you want? Once you identify the impact that your beliefs have in your life you need to make a decision. And then it's the step 3 3) What do you want to believe instead? If you actually see how a belief "there's something wrong with me" is not serving you and it has a big impact in your life, you will want to change that belief. So what do you want to believe instead. Remember: You can believe whatever you want! This is so empowering. So freeing! 4) Find the thought you want to believe and practice every single day. Now, don't expect to change a thought if you think the new thought only once. You have to practice over and over again, until it becomes part of you, an automated way of thinking. My question to you today is: What do you want to believe about yourself? If you think you need help in finding out what you believe that it's holding you back to achieve your weight goal, schedule a FREE session with me. We'll discover exactly what's holding you back and how to change the belief system so you can start your weight loss journey for the last time ever. What are you waiting for? Schedule here! Talk soon, x Pam

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