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How to start my weight loss journey?

The weight loss journey is not easy and is not comfortable.

I don't think it is supposed to be easy and comfortable.

It requires effort, planning and commitment.

Most people that want to lose weight are not willing to be uncomfortable, or willing to stop eating certain foods and even start exercising.

They want it to be easy, effortless and fast.

They also want to do it once, lose all the weight and never get it back again.

I know, because I hear that a lot from clients, and I was one of those people too.

My first question for you is: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight?

I want to share with you the first 4 steps to start your new and last weight loss journey.

Step 1: Have a compelling reason.

Why do you want to lose weight?

What's your reason no matter what?

This reason will keep you moving forward, will create your commitment and the courage to do whatever it takes.

Step 2: Food journal.

Food journal is one of the ways to be aware of what and how much you are eating.

If you are overweight is because you are overeating.

Noticing that it is very powerful.

Step 3: Decide ahead of time and honour it.

Making decisions ahead of time will help you avoid fallouts.

Once you’re aware of your bad habits you can anticipate them by making the decision ahead of time to not do it and if you honour your decision that’s when the magic happens.

Plan your meals, cook beforehand, schedule your exercise of the week, and honour them, the results will come!

Trust me!

Step 4: Commit to kindness.

Be kind to yourself.

That voice inside your head saying lots of self-loathing won't help you.

Commit to kindness.

Treat yourself as the most important person in the world (because you are).

Those are the most important steps to start your weight loss journey.

There are way more than that, but if you are willing to commit to the last weight loss journey of your life, this is a good start.

I'm also taking in new clients before the new year if you want to go into more depth and really transform your life.

Book a free session with me and get a taste of how powerful the coaching can be.

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