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How do I feel better?

Do you want to feel better? Do you think if you lose weight you will feel better and have a better life? When we try to make our lives better from the outside in, the affect it’s always temporary because we're trying to be dependent on something external for our happiness. You can't make your life better from the outside in, if you want the change to be permanent. To find out how to make your life better you have to think about what makes you good internally. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want better relationships? Why do you want more money? Because of how we believe we will feel in having all those things. We try to change our world so we feel better instead of feeling better to change our world. So how can I do that? How can I feel better? Let's list it below: 1️⃣ Learning how to manage fear and failure Failure is simply a thought. Fear is normal and expected. It means "go". 2️⃣ Overcoming anxiety Anxiety is the fear of feeling. Allow anxiety. 3️⃣ Stop the blame game Victim mentality and powerlessness. Vulnerability. 4️⃣ Create confidence Overcoming self doubt. Using obstacles. 5️⃣ Find your way to emotional adulthood Feeling responsibility. Powerful life management internally. 6️⃣ Learn how to manage your thoughts Knowing what you think. Moving from negative to neutral. 7️⃣ Solve all your problems Learn to be a solution focused. Know that all problems are mind problems. 8️⃣ Use the self coaching model. Repeat. Because using the model can be the secret to success. If you need help with any of these points, please message me, I can help you.

Brooke Castillo

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