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Why can't I lose weight?

How easy is for you to lose weight?

I’ve heard so many people saying: I can’t do it because it’s too difficult, or it’s too hard, I have no will power, I can’t change.

Weight loss is difficult because it requires effort.

Because you will feel discomfort.

Because it requires change of patterns, sometimes deep and old patterns.

Let’s look into the tool that helps us most… the mind!

Our brain is motivated by 3 things:

1- Avoid pain

2- Seek pleasure

3- Exert the least amount of effort

Looking at that, no wonder why is so difficult to lose weight.

We need to go against all of these motivational triad of our brain, don’t we?

We eat to avoid pain, we eat to seek pleasure, we eat because it's familiar so we don't use a lot of energy.

The result: can't lose weight, gain weight.

The truth is: It’s going to take effort and energy to create something different.

But I have good news, it’s not your fault. Your brain operates from these motivations.

So, in order to evolve we must change our motivation. And of course, this requires, yes, effort.

If you want to change, you’re going to have to work for it, because your default settings are not going to get you there.

Change takes effort. It requires us to proactively act differently than our auto-pilot wants to lead us, and so it requires awareness and choice.

When you begin to operate in awareness of the Motivational Triad, your biological pre-sets, you empower yourself to change, because you empower yourself to choose differently.

Can you see that if we continue to operate the way we always have, believing what we’ve always believed, not believing what we don’t believe, all that is possible for us is to create more of the same? The same results we’ve created in our past.

But, there is SO MUCH MORE!

What’s between you and that “more” is choosing and effort.

I wish I could tell you it doesn’t take work, but it does. But, here’s the deal, the pay-off down the road of that effort is so huge because you begin to create a whole new experience of your life. Yes it takes work, and yes it takes time and, absolutely yes, I’m telling you the effort, the exploring, the practice is worth it!

Your path to a body that you want does not lay in your past behaviours.

That’s what got you there. Working hard and choosing differently and staying committed, eventually, a powerful and doable schedule will become no effort at all. But first, you have to practice it enough, for it to become habit.

Do it over and over again, until it becomes part of who you are: Practice, practice, practice.

Sometimes trying to find the patterns that are giving the result you don't want can be challenging. Having a coach to help you find your answers and give you tools to get the results you want can be magical.

Take the first step towards change and book a FREE nutrition & coaching session with me

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