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Can feelings hurt me?

What if I tell you that feelings actually don’t hurt you.

Would you believe me?

Part of being alive is to experience feelings.

We are feeling emotions all the time… good or bad, negative or positive.

Feelings are only a vibration in your body that are created by your mind, your thoughts.

You think, you feel. Simple as that.

The trouble about negative emotions is that we are always trying not to feel them.

We use food to numb it. We use alcohol to avoid it. We use work to resist it… etc.

And yet, that negative emotion keeps showing up and the circle of numbing start all over again.

The reason why you’re feeling a negative emotion is because of what you are thinking.

You think positive thoughts, you have positive feelings.

You think negative thoughts, you have negative feelings.

But let’s be realistic and agree that our lives are 50% positive and 50% negative.

There are moments in life that we don’t want to feel happy, and that’s okay.

But when you resist, avoid, or fight against a negative emotion, that’s when you put yourself in trouble.

The good news is: Feelings are harmless!

If you genuinely allow yourself to feel any type of negative emotion, the worst thing that can happen is a vibration in your body.

Feelings are to be felt. They are harmless if you only feel them.

Feelings can’t hurt you.

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