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Fear and doubt, does not mean stop!

You have goals, dreams, things you want to achieve... but for some reason you can’t seem to act on it, to do anything towards to a closer step to achieve them.

So, what is holding you back?

Is it the fear of failure?

Fear of success?

You doubt yourself?

Fear is not a valid reason for you not to do anything about it.

Fear means you are alive.

What do you do when you feel fear or doubt?

You don't do anything, or you try to avoid or resist it by overeating , over drinking, over doing stuff.

Many people use food to avoid or resist the fear.

But being able to feel fear is part of being alive.

Fear does not mean something has gone wrong.

Embrace the fear and go anyway, because if you resist or avoid it every time you feel it, you can't create the life you want.

Feel the fear but do it anyway!

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