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Hi, I'm Pamella Arnold

But call me Pam

This is my Story


I was born and raised in Sao Paulo - Brazil, I now live in Berkshire - UK, married to an English man and I love dancing and talking about sex, pleasure and food.

I'm a Certified Life and Weight Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Podcaster... and The Pleasure Coach for Emotional Eaters.

For over a decade, I struggled with emotional eating and my weight.

I was a serial dieter trying to solve my emotional eating habits by putting myself on so many restricted diets and so much deprivation.

As it was so unsustainable, I was always coming back to emotional eating and disconnecting from my own body and always looking for a solution, an answer, something or someone to help me.

Food was always in the front of my mind, the struggle was real and I had this persistent battle in my head 24/7, it was so exhausting.

Two things I was 'doing' wrong:

- Looking for answers outside of me.

- Food was my only source of pleasure.

Growing up in a religious home, I had to repress a lot of my sexuality and pleasure because of the rules and social conditioning.

Shame was one of the main emotions I felt on the regular basis just for wanting to experience natural human pleasure and wondering why it was so wrong under the church rules.

I needed to be careful with the clothes I wear, the way I move my body, how I interact with boys, and even the kind of music I listen to.

After years, that led up to having food as my only source of pleasure, creating emotional eating habits, and a sense of disempowerment and feeling out of control.

Overcoming Emotional Eating doesn't have to be boring and painful


Since I became a Coach in 2018, I've helped hundreds of women overcome emotional eating, including myself, and there is nothing better than making it easier, less painful and more fun for my clients.

Everything I teach I've applied in my own life and that's how I created this unconventional way to overcome emotional eating.

I realised that food wasn't in the front of my mind anymore, no matter how I was feeling.

That's because I've been having so much 'natural' pleasure in my life that I don't need the 'false' pleasures anymore.

Using my method to overcome emotional eating plus natural pleasure made the whole process way more enjoyable.

My process is simple:

1. Plan what you're going to eat 24h before

2. Follow the plan

3. Allow urges

4. Create and practice natural pleasures

5. Repeat.

The more pleasure you have, the less you'll need to emotional overeat. 

+ pleasure, - overeating.... it's simple and you can do it too!

Here is why it works


Because right now the one way that you escape from your life, whether you have relationship problems, stress at work, dreams you don't know how to pursue, a weight loss goal that you never achieved it... one of the ways you're dealing with those things is through food.

You don't like the consequences of what this feels like, whether you're gaining weight or shaming yourself afterward.

But mainstream society want to tell you that the only solution to stop emotional overeating is to go on a diet. 

You probably started lots of diets, restricted yourself, and it never worked for you, and it never will.

The one thing that can work for you and it has worked for me and my clients is allowing yourself to still have pleasure with food but not overeat it, and instead increase the pleasure in your life, which is something society is not helping us with, as women.

If you want to increase pleasure in your life and stop seeking it from your food, you need to apply to work with me right now.

I've got you!

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