Overcome emotional eating and lose weight for GOOD

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Do you eat when you are bored, frustrated or stressed?

Do you let your emotions control what you eat?

Emotional eating is when we're eating even though we are not physically hungry. 

We eat when we're happy, we eat when we're sad, or we eat simply because we feel like it. Those habits, of course, cause many of us to gain weight, and in order to lose weight we try diet after diet, without much luck long term. 

So, how do you stop this madness and feel in control again?

Eating is a way to cope with your emotions that can make you feel like you are eating against your own will. Too many programmes deal with the symptoms of these issues.

When I work with clients I search for the root cause, not only the symptoms. This is what creates permanent, maintainable change to our health, habits and lifestyle.

I'll show you the CAUSE and how to change them, so you don't have to live a life of deprivation, restriction and hunger.

I'm Pamella Arnold, The Emotional Eating Coach. I'm here to help you overcome emotional eating and lose weight for good, without using willpower.


A gift just for you

I'd love to share with you my free eBook "The mind, body & life makeover: 6 steps to permanent change". 

I wrote this beautiful eBook back in 2018 and I was amazed how my past self had great tips and value to share with the world.

The content is still relevant and I use it to teach my clients and use in my own life.

Now I want to share this valuable eBook with you. 

Overcome Emotional Eating

What people say

I have been working with Pamella for nearly a year now. I came to her to work through issues relating to food and nutrition but soon learned that the skills and tools she teaches had application in much broader elements of my life, and have helped me enormously with issues around anxiety, sleep, overwhelm and work stress. Inevitably working with Pamella on these issues has had positive effect on those early nutrition/food issues too. I find her kind as well as constructively challenging, incredibly clear in how she communicates information, patient and positive and insightful - it always surprises me that whatever I bring to a session, Pamella has a framework we can apply - together and for me to keep applying myself outside of sessions. I feel completely supported by Pamella and able to be honest with her. I enjoy our sessions thoroughly, even though they are emotionally demanding. Pamella always inspires me to do the work and I am seeing results in many areas of my life.

Mrs E D

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